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Leaf rust in the fall?
Click on the picture for more information!
Are you seeing this in your fields?
Click on the picture for more information on how to
control bindweed this fall!
Wheat Redrilling Guidelines
Other useful resources:
Early fall cool temperatures affects on our crops before their maturity...
Are you thinking about applying anhydrous ammonia?
Check here are some tips for safety and retention.
Have you tested your soil for nitrate-N levels?
Want to know why you should?
Click here for the answer!
Do corn roots grow after VT (tasseling)?
It's that time again...
Be a good neighbor and control your volunteer wheat!
Should your seed wheat BE seed wheat?
Click here to find out how to test the germination of your seed wheat!
Did your wheat field look a bit like this before harvest?  Guess what it looks like now!
Check out the article discussing the importance of weed control in stubble.
Plot results are in from both K-State County Demonstration Plots and K-State Performance Tests!
Click here to see the results!
Have you seen this in your wheat field?
Click on the picture to find out what it is and what is causing it!
Does the height of your wheat stubble affect the subsequent
yields of corn and grain sorghum?
Click on the picture to find out more or check out the radio program here!
Need some help estimating wheat yield?
Click here for a great tool!
Have you noticed these guys as your wheat is getting close to harvest?
Are large weeds taking over your wheat just before harvest?
Click here to learn about the different options!
Do you have some short and thin wheat to harvest?
Click here to learn how to minimize harvest losses!
Here are few resources that may come in handy with wheat flag leaves emerging!
Check out the new and updated resources on wheat diseases here.
Keep up to date on the wheat disease updates from around the state here!
Whoa Wind!  Factors in wind erosion on sparsely covered soils.
Just in, the latest wheat disease update!
Check here for the update from
K-State Extension plant pathologist, Erick De Wolf.
Limited water is such a hot topic right now!
Click here to read more information on making decisions based on
crop water usage and preseason irrigation!
Should you be on the lookout for Brown Wheat Mites?
Click here for more information on these pests.
Are you seeing Army Cutworm damage to your fields?
Check here for more information.
Or here are a few helpful links:
Do you want to make the most out of your limited water supply?
Click here for the meeting details.
Is your wheat field susceptible to winter die-off?
Click here to read more info!

Check out this info on grass control in wheat!
Click here to read the article.
Check out this research on extending the life of the Ogallala Aquifer.
Click here to read the article.
Are you concerned about the Wheat Stem Sawfly?
Listen here for more information!
Are you using your water resources wisely?
Click here to read the article! 

Soil Testing?

Follow this link for guidelines on collecting soil samples...Soil Sample Guidelines

Use the Soil Sample Information Sheet to fill out information to send your samples in to K-State. 

Use the Soil Testing Lab Phamphlet to decide on the test you should use.  

Consult the Soil Test Intrepretations and Recommendations for information on soil sampling depth and using the fertilizer recommendations. 

 To plug in your soil sample results into an Xcel spreadsheet and get fertilizer recommendations, click on these links:

Fertilizer Recommendation Program (eXcel spreadsheet)

Fertilizer Recommendation Instructions




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