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Top Agronomy Stories
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Does it pay to test your soil?
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Questions about the Dakota Aquifer?
Click on the map of salinity levels of the Dakota Aquifer to get the answers!
Freezing temperatures, what does that mean for wheat?
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Leaf rust in the fall?
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Are you seeing this in your fields?
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control bindweed this fall!
Wheat Redrilling Guidelines
Other useful resources:
Early fall cool temperatures affects on our crops before their maturity...
Are you thinking about applying anhydrous ammonia?
Check here are some tips for safety and retention.
Have you tested your soil for nitrate-N levels?
Want to know why you should?
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Do corn roots grow after VT (tasseling)?
It's that time again...
Be a good neighbor and control your volunteer wheat!
Should your seed wheat BE seed wheat?
Click here to find out how to test the germination of your seed wheat!
Did your wheat field look a bit like this before harvest?  Guess what it looks like now!
Check out the article discussing the importance of weed control in stubble.
Plot results are in from both K-State County Demonstration Plots and K-State Performance Tests!
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Have you seen this in your wheat field?